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Welcome to the UNT Wifi Network (Official Site ) 

  (Please link to this page for  current and future information regarding the UNT wifi system.)

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 * News and Announcements *

  • The Campus Wireless Upgrade Project has been completed.  See the latest coverage map.
  • The LIbrary Mall, Union courtyard and south lawn, and much of the central area of campus has now been covered with outdoor wifi.
  • The University Union is completed and blanketed with wifi coverage.
  • Upgrade to the Business Leadership building wifi has been completed.
  • Music Practice North and Music Practice South wifi upgrades have been completed.
  • Our new Frisco Campus , as well as the UNT System building in downtown Dallas and UNTDallas in south Dallas, have all been upgraded with the latest wireless controllers and access points.


 * Current Technical Issues*

  • REEF and Blackboard Guidelines - Please take a brief moment to review some helpful information for using these products in the classroom.  
  • Google phones  - We have seen a number of issues with these devices which is also well documented on the Internet within some of the google forums.  Most notably, we have had issues with some devices dropping wifi connectivity every few minutes while other units would not validate the certificate from our Radius server.  As of now, we have a couple of workarounds which may help.  We hope this will be addressed in future releases of the OS.  As of now, you may choose to either NOT validate the certificate or possibly add the domain of "unt.edu".  These have been know to work in several instances.   
  • Last semester, on some Windows machines after running an OS update, we had some reports of 802.1x connections not validating the certificate of our radius server.  The work around is to verify that the profile name being used for UNT is UNT in all caps.  Any other name may fail.


General Information

The Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) department supports an extensive wifi network that includes the UNT Denton campus, UNT Discovery Park, UNT Dallas campus, downtown Dallas System offices and the UNT Law School.  Service is also provided to Woodhill Square, Kristen Farmer Autism Center, the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center and the Water Research Field Station.

The UNT|System enterprise wireless network accepts 802.11a/g/n. We also support 802.11 ac on the UNT main campus and Discovery Park. The network utilizes state-of-the-art wireless access points capable of handling speeds in excess of 100 Mbps; however, your actual speed and system throughput will vary depending on your location in a building, the number of other people using the network, and the type of equipment you are using.

 - Currently ITSS does not support the following: -

  • ITSS does not support wireless networking in the UNT residence halls. These are supported by Apogee.
  • ITSS does not support wireless networking for the Health Science Center in Fort Worth.
  • Cellphone services are supported by Telecom.


Preferred methods of connectivity

UNT – Secure (802.1x authentication and AES encryption) Provides access to campus academic resources and the Internet Provides a secure connection over the air. Provided at all UNT locations and will work the same at all locations once configured on your device.  See our setup guide.

Eduroam – Secure (802.1x authentication and AES encryption) Provides access to some local resources and the Internet. Authenticates visiting students, researchers, faculty, and staff with their credentials from their respective institutions world-wide. Students, staff and faculty can use their UNT credentials at other universities and educational sites. See our eduroam page!

* Legacy methods of connectivity (these will be phased out in the future): *

Eaglenet and Jagnet (UNT Dallas only) Open wireless connection (no encryption) Users select this ssid and open a browser. When you attempt to go to a site, you are directed to a captive portal to allow you to enter your credentials.


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