CIO Cabinet

Juan Serrano smiling

Juan Serrano

Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer, University of North Texas System

As Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer for the University of North Texas (UNT) System, Juan is responsible for system-wide leadership of all information technology functions.

He serves as the principal technology leader for the UNT System, providing vision and leadership for the development and implementation of information technology strategies and initiatives system-wide.

Juan provides oversight for the successful delivery of information technology services and solutions for member institutions of the UNT System and UNT System Administration through close collaboration and efficient coordination of strategic objectives.

image of Bharath Prabhakaran smiling

Bharath Prabhakaran

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Associate Vice Chancellor Enterprise Applications

Bharath serves two primary roles as Deputy Chief Information Officer for the University of North Texas System, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications.

As Deputy CIO, Bharath is the senior ranking staff member reporting to CIO Juan Serrano, where he advises and assists with the formulation of information technology strategies, policies, and programs. Bharath provides executive IT leadership, decision making, and oversight as assigned by CIO Serrano, or in his absence.

As Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications, Bharath established the vision, strategic leadership, and direction for all enterprise applications across the UNT System. Bharath ensures the planning, budgets, and resource allocations are sufficient, and the policies, services, and deliveries for all enterprise applications areas successfully align with UNT System's long-term solutions.

image of Kent Kogler smiling

Kent Kogler

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure, Chief Technical Officer

As the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure and Chief Technical Officer for the University of North Texas System, Kent manages the infrastructure and technology services necessary to support the UNT System’s mission and strategic goals.

From telephone voice communications systems to web services that disseminate information to students, faculty, and staff; to the essential data centers which house the many terabytes of student records and the operations staff who ensure they remain functional in all conditions; to the enterprise architecture and planning, Kent oversees the skilled team leaders and technicians.

He is also responsible in keeping the information technology systems functioning while ensuring the helpdesks are responsive and supportive. Kent collaborates with the Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer on annual budgeting for IT needs, manages IT assets and services across the UNT System.

image of Charlotte Russell smiling

Charlotte Russell

Chief Information Security Officer, Senior Director of Management and Risk Services

Charlotte's responsibilities include management of enterprise IT policy and strategic planning, risk assessment, information security management programs, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, vendor and contract management services, communications, marketing, and professional development services, software licensing, information services and resource support, accessibility programs, and State of Texas initiative analysis and reporting.

image of Stephanie McCane smiling

Stephanie McCane

ITSS Business Director

Stephanie McCane and her division, IT Business Services (ITBS), support the annual budget process preparation, development, monitoring, management, and reporting requirements of central enterprise computing services that support ITSS. This area provides employee service functions including payroll, timekeeping, employee review services, and ITSS employment services. Additionally, Stephanie and her division coordinate purchasing services for hardware, software, and services along with maintaining accurate data of all maintenance contracts. ITBS monitors vendor and interagency contracts, and reviews and approves purchases. ITBS also provides executive support, in the form of emails, schedules, and appointments for the associate vice chancellor and CIO.