Server Provisioning

Base Level Services: 

Hardware or VM provisioning; OS installation; role enablement, service and role enablement’s have been done; arrange for backups of the server; setup appropriate firewall rules; setup appropriate IPsec rules; communicate the security information about the server to the appropriate department contact; provide access to user department.

Service Level: 

Virtual Server provisioning in less than 30 minutes for basic, non-managed VM server during business hours.

Physical or Virtual Server availability 99.172%, 24x7, less planned downtime. Planned downtime for production environments is 12 hours every quarter scheduled to minimize any disruptions.

Incident Response:

Severity Description Response Objective Resolution Objective***
Production Server Down A production server is either offline or is causing a production service to be unavailable for the entire system 30 minutes 4 Hours
20+ People out of service A production service unavailability is impacting more than 20 users 1 Hour 6 Hours
Critical Incident An incident impacting one or a few users that has a major impact on production operations 4 Hours 8 Hours
Routine Incident An incident impacting nonproduction service or minimal to no impact on production operations 4 business hours 8 business hours
Routine Request Non-incident request for OS/patch/applicat ion installation,server restart or other changes 8 business hours 3 business days

*Actual resolution depends on nature of the outage and potentially vendor availability.

Services Not Included: 

Purchasing of application software/licenses, and any clinical, practice management, research or other local systems at UNTHSC.

Customers Served: