Firewall & VPN

Base Level Services: 

Provide operational support for the campus firewall and VPN services for the data network including firewall rule changes and VPN access control. Support the day-to-day operations and growth of various campus firewalls (currently 48 firewalls across the System) and VPN’s (currently 7 VPN systems across the System) for UNT Denton, Discovery Park, UNT Dallas, UCD, Active Directory and Outlook service, primary and backup data center networks, PCI security compliance network (SCN), maintain and optimize all firewall and VPN rules and upgrade firewall hardware as needed.

Service Level: 

Availability: 99.95%, 24x7

Service Request Response:

Service Request Response Design and Assessment
Routine Request - new or modified firewall rule 8 business hours 5 business days

 Incident Response:

Severity Response Resolution
Critical Incident - an outage or issue that affects 50 or more users 1 hour 8 hours
Routine Incident - an outage or issue that affects 49 or less users 4 business hours 24 business hours
Services Not Included: 

Does not include UNTHSC special clinical or research systems or support

Customers Served: