EUC (End User Computing) Virtualization Services

Base Level Services: 
  • Create Virtual Desktop
  • Create Virtual Applications
Service Level: 

Monthly up time 99% Service Objective

Response Times:



Response Objective

Resolution Objective
EUC Cluster Down A production service is either offline or is causing a production service to be unavailable for the entire system 30 minutes 4 hours

20+ People out of service

An infrastructure component is unavailable and is impacting more than 20 users. 1 hour

6 hours

Routine Incident An incident impacting nonproduction service or minimal to no impact on production operations 4 business hours 8 business hours
Routine Request Request for a new application or VDI deployment. 8 business hours 3-7 business days

Does not include:

  • Licensing required for applications
  • Maintenance of underlying images for both the operating systems and applications
  • Configuration of specific VMware required components 
  • Application and/or Desktop support provided to end-users Issues arising from bad patches, updates and/or miss configurations after image maintenance processes
Services Not Included: 

See Above.

Customers Served: