Data Center Networks

Base Level Services: 

Design, install, upgrade as needed and maintain the data center network providing for critical computing resources (EIS, etc.). Support firewalls, VPNs, load balancing, redundancy, capacity planning, IP address management, day-to-day operation, equipment evaluation and selection, vendor evaluations and inventory management. Any UNTHSC data center network service is based on advance approval in writing by the UNTHSC CIO.

Service Level: 

Availability: 99.5%, 24x7

Service Request Response:

Service Request Response Design and Assessment
Routine Request - activating an existing port 8 business hours 5 business days

 Incident Response:

Severity Response Resolution
Critical Incident - an outage affecting 24 or more systems (ports) 1 hour 6 hours
Routine Incident - an outage affecting 23 or less systems (ports) 4 business hours 10 business hours
Services Not Included: 

Application Support; Any clinical or other high security research networks in the data center at UNTHSC.

Customers Served: 
Service Type: