Data Center Infrastructure Services

Base Level Services: 

Oversight logging, reporting & scheduling; support for staff who perform production processing, application and data base management; hardware installation of servers, racks, electrical wiring, cooling, and network cabling in the data centers when requested; environmental monitoring; physical security of all data centers; responsible for electrical/mechanical data center installations; inventory tracking, surplus and secure removal of equipment; network cable installation support

Service Level: 

Data Center Availability: 99.671%, 24x7

Service Request Response:

Service Request Description Response Design and Assessment
Routine Request Non-incident request for equipment installations, removals or other changes 8 business hours 3 business days

 Incident Response:

Severity Description Response Resolution
Data Center outage A data center is unavailable due to power, cooling or other environmental issue <5 minutes 4 hours
20+ systems out of service A production service unavailability across multiple devices in a data center due to power, cooling or other environmental issue 30 minutes 6 hours
Critical Incident An incident impacting one or a few users that has a major impact on production operations 4 hours 8 hours
Routine Incident An incident impacting non-production service or minimal to no impact on production operations 4 business hours 8 business hours
Services Not Included: 
  • Server hardware, network hardware, OS or application management at HSC except those managed by IT Shared Services
  • Any clinical, practice management, high security research or other local systems at UNTHSC.


Customers Served: 
Service Type: