Campus Local Area Network (LAN)

Base Level Services: 

Design, install, upgrade as needed and maintain campus data distribution network providing 10/100 Mbps and 1/10 Gbps connectivity speeds depending on the application requirements. Support sub-netting, segmentation, redundancy, capacity planning, IP address management, equipment evaluation and selection, vendor evaluations and inventory management. Based on customer written specifications for service and schedule information.


Service Level: 

Availability: 99.5% (excludes unplanned power outages in addition to equipment availability).

Service Request Response:

Service Request Response Design and Assessment
Routine Request - to activate an existing data port(s) 8 business hours 5 business days

Incident Response:

Severity Response Resolution
Critical Incident - service outage of 49 or more users in a single building 1 hour 8 hours
Routine Incident - service outage of 48 or less users in a single building 4 business hours 24 business hours
Services Not Included: 

Application support.

Customers Served: 
Service Type: