Cellular Phones & Accessories


AT&TVerizonT-Mobile, and Sprint are the providers of mobile phones for the university with AT&T as our primary provider. All four providers offer unique solutions for wireless, mobile connectivity.

Cell Phone Use and Policy:

The university Cell Phone Policy provides for one of two options. An employee of the university can have either a university-owned phone or receive an allowance to subsidize the use of their personal cell phone for business. 

Cell phones owned by the university are to be used for official university business and the use of phones for anything other than official university business should be avoided. UNT, UNT Dallas, and UNT System refer to Cell Phone Policy 14.006 for an explanation of the policy. 

Availability and Ordering:

Cell phones and related services are only available to departments within the university system. A valid department identification number is required.


All forms must be completed and include the department head name and signature and the dean or vice-president name and signature.


Problems, Changes and Upgrades for University-Owned Phones:

All cell phones come with a one-year warranty.

If your University-owned phone is broken or worn out you can request a new phone at any time. Simply use our customer service center to request a new university-owned phone.

Please note that phone and plan pricing may change. The university is not eligible for rebates, Internet specials, or two-for-one deals on cell phones.

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Address any questions about this page or contact the department: telecom.support@untsystem.edu