Remote Notification

CallPilot can notify you of new messages at a remote telephone number or pager.

To turn Remote Notification on and off:

  1. While logged in to you mailbox, press 8 5 for CallPilot Tools, the 2 for Remote Notification.
  2. Press to turn it on or 2 to turn it off.
  3. Press to return to your messages.

To change your telephone or pager number, message notification type, notification days, and notification times:

  1. In Remote Notification, press 5 to review your settings.
  2. Press 5 again to change the first setting.
  3. At each setting, change it if required, or press # to leave the setting without change.  Press 3 to go to the next setting or press 1 to go to the previous setting.
  4. Press 6 to exit setup change
  5. Press 4 to return to your messages