Playing your messages

When you log in to your mailbox, you are at your first new message.  Messages can be voice, fax, or voice and fax.  E-mail messages are in a separate list.

  1. Press 2 to play the current message.
  2. Press 6 to go to the next message.
  3. To disconnect, press 8 3, or hang up.

While playing a message:

  • To skip back five seconds, press 1
  • To skip forward five seconds, press 3
  • To play the message slower, press 2 1
  • To play the message faster, press 2 3
  • To play the message softer, press 2 4
  • To play the message louder, press 2 6
  • To pause, press #; to continue, press 2

Deleting and restoring messages

Before, during, or after playing a message, press 7 6 to delete it.  To restore a deleted message, including a message that has been auto-deleted by the system, return to the message and press 7 6