1. Dial the CallPilot Multimedia Messaging access number, or press the message key.
  2. Enter your mailbox number, then press #; or at your own telephone, just press #.
  3. Enter your password, then press #.

When you log in to your mailbox, you are at your first new message.  Messages can be voice, fax, or voice and fax.  E-mail messages are in a separate list.

  1. Press 2 to play the current message.
  2. Press 6 to go to the next message.
  3. To disconnect, press 8 3, or hang up.

While playing a message:

Before, during, or after playing a message:

Call Sender: To call the sender, press 9.  Speak to the person or leave a message, then hang up.

Reply: To reply to a message, press 7 1, record a reply, then press 7 9 to send it.

  1. While at a message that is a fax or has a fax attachment, press 7 7.  Press 1 to print this fax, press 2 to print all unprinted faxes, or press 3 to print all faxes in your mailbox.
  2. Enter a fax number for printing, then press #.

You can check to see if you have any new e-mails, then listen to the text content of an e-mail, or print it.

While logged in to you mailbox, you can place a call without hanging up.  Press 0, followed immediately by the telephone number you want to call, then press #.  Do not pause between numbers.

To compose a message, you address it, record a message, then send it.  You can address a message to mailbox numbers, distribution list numbers, users on other networks, external telephone numbers, faxphones, and spelled names.

When addressing a message, you can enter the address by spelling the person’s name.

At the prompt, enter the Name Dialing prefix, or press *.

Spell the last name, then the first name.

Stop when the system finds the name.

You can send a message to another mailbox without logging in to your own mailbox.

Dial the Express Messaging number.

Enter the mailbox number of the person for whom you are leaving the message, then press #.

At the tone, record your message, then hang up.

CallPilot has standard commands that are common to all features, so you don’t need a main menu.  If you learn these standard commands, you can use CallPilot features without memorizing every step.

Skip Back 1

Play 2

Skip Forward 3

Previous Message 4

Record 5

Next Message 6

Message commands begin with 7

Mailbox commands begin with 8

While logged in to your mailbox, press 8 4

Enter your current password, then press #

Enter your new password, then press #

Enter your new password again, then press #

If your password expires, follow the steps above.

You can record external, internal, and temporary greetings.  Callers from outside your organization hear your external greeting, callers within your organization hear your internal greeting.  If you don’t record an internal greeting, all callers hear your external greeting.  All callers hear your temporary greeting if you record one.  Your recorded name (Personal Verification) is used in your g

In your greeting, you can offer your callers the option of leaving a message or speaking to one of your assistants or colleagues.  Tell callers to press zero if they wish to speak to this person in your absence.

You can temporarily prevent your callers from leaving messages in your mailbox.  As a courtesy to your callers, you should record a temporary greeting that provides details of your absence and tells callers what to do.

With Autologin, you can log in to CallPilot from numbers allowed by your administrator without entering your mailbox number and password.

While logged in to your mailbox, press 8 0 for Mailbox Options, then 4 for Autologin.

Press 1 to turn Autologin on, or press 2 to turn it off.

To receive and send fax messages, your mailbox and your recipient’s mailbox must have fax capability.

You can create up to 99 personal distribution lists, and record a name to identify each list.  Each personal distribution list can contain up to 200 entries.

You can enter all of the same types of addresses to which you can send a composed message, except other personal distribution lists.

CallPilot can notify you of new messages at a remote telephone number or pager.

To turn Remote Notification on and off:

Press * at any time for Help prompts.