Oracle requires us to physically split the Human Capital database from the Campus Solutions database.  Currently, this data is in one physical database.  In addition to the split, we will be upgrading both Human Capital and Financial systems.  In addition, we will implement three new modules in the Human Capital system: 

Total contracted project cost is $5,011,347.

A functional upgrade. That means we will review business processes to take advantage, to the greatest extent possible, of functionality in PeopleSoft version 9.2. This type of upgrade has not been done since the implementation of PeopleSoft 10 years ago. It will involve users deeply in the upgrade. All previous upgrades have been “technical” in nature – basically upgrading the engine but minimi

The project starts June 2013. It is planned to end in September 2015. The basic upgrade, however, will be completed by July 2015.

After an exhaustive review of all potential alternatives, the consensus decision was to move forward with a PeopleSoft functional upgrade.  The decision process involved:

Campuses are funding the upgrade based on the IT Shared Services Cost Allocation formulas. Project funding actually occurs over 4 fiscal years – a small amount in FY2013, the largest amount in FY2014, a smaller amount in FY2015 and some in FY2016.