What criteria must be met for an event to qualify as an IRE Continuing Education credit?

All of the following criteria must be met:

  • Supports information or cybersecurity  
  • Provides some type of attendee interaction or knowledge transfer (class exercises, discussion, group work, opportunity for question and answer, survey, or a written report of the event prepared by the IRE, etc.)  
  • Provides for proof of participation (host issues a completion form/certificate, transcript available, host maintains a roster of attendees, IRE’s report with details on the time/place/presenter and summary of the experience)  
  • Meets generally accepted standards as an educational event: – is planned in response to an identified educational need – has legitimate educational objectives – is designed/conducted by qualified personnel – has content/delivery methods that support the intended learning outcomes – is evaluated by participants in some manner or IRE prepares a suitable report for their management – lasts at least 30 minutes  
  • Examples of Qualified Educational Events: 
    • Classroom training
    • Educational conferences
    • Self-paced/online training
    • College coursework
    • A defined educational component of a meeting
    • Seminars taken as part of a professional certification
    • Learning held via interactive video/web conferencing
    • DIR’s annual Information Security Forum