What are the Governance Decision Process guidelines?

Governance Decision Process Guidelines

The chart below identifies the overall process of governance between institutional decision-making and IT Shared Services decision-making. It is important to understand that campuses will continue to make technology decisions for their own needs unless the project rises to the level of potentially being a shared service. The answer to the question "should/could this be used by another institution?" determines whether or not a decision needs to rise to the Shared Services Governance Process. In that instance, the campus process will shift to the appropriate PMC to make a shared/not shared decision. Should the PMC decide the project should be shared service then the IT Shared Services Governance Process will be used for decision making relative to it. If the PMC decides that the project is not a shared service then the project will immediately be returned to the originating campus to address as that campus sees fit.

Simplified System IT Governance Decision Chart