How do I report a security incident at a UNTS institution?

If you suspect a security violation has occurred, contact your IT Helpdesk right away. If confidential or sensitive data is associated with any computer involved in the incident, please call Information Security immediately at 940-369-7800 or contact us by email at

Refrain from accessing or further interacting with the computer in question. This will help preserve evidence integrity before the Information Security team can collect an image for forensic analysis.


Incident Reporting Steps:

  • Notify your IT Helpdesk or IT support staff
  • Notify your immediate supervisor
  • Do not allow any changes to be made to the computer or related system.


UNT UIT Helpdesk 940-565-2324

HSC Helpdesk and Client Services 817-735-2192

UNT Dallas ITSS Helpdesk 972-780-3626

UNT System CTSS Helpdesk 940-565-4078


If you wish to report criminal activity, contact your campus Police Department.

UNT Police Department 940-565-3000

HSC Police Department 817-735-2210 (non-emergency number)

UNT Dallas Police Department 972-780-3009


More information is available at Incident Reporting.