The management at Barnes and Noble has instructed us that to get educational discounted prices, the UNT community members need to go to: here. This site is a partnership with Barnes and Noble and offers many of the same software at the same discounts as one used to be able to purchase off the shelves in the old Union bookstore. You will also notice that by clicking on their hardware tab that they have discounted hardware as well.

Yes, cybersecurity awareness training is accessible on any mobile device with a web browser.

Yes, the UNT System is committed to promoting learning and assisting faculty and staff in pursuing higher education for themselves and their dependents. Read the policy.

No. You can complete the security awareness training modules at different times, as long as all modules are complete by Friday, November 16, 2021.

There are some accessories on the PC Standards webpage, here. There is a keyboard, mouse, docking station, cables and some other items. You may also select any accessories from the regular Dell website and send it through with the requisition.

Users can submit a request using the IT Help system located at IT Help. If a user has issues with their network and cannot submit a using their desktop computer, please contact the Helpdesk by calling 940-565-4078.

Click Start, and then click Devices and Printers. On the top panel, click Add a printer. In the dialog box, select “Add A Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer”. At the bottom of the dialog, select “The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed”. Select the bullet “Find A Printer In The Directory, Based On Location or Feature”. This will bring up a list of all printers in Active Directory. To narrow down the search to strictly printers in ITSS, type CITC into the Name field and click Find Now.

On your Outlook client, click on File, Account Settings and Delegates Access. On the Delegates window click on Add, highlight the user, click on Add and OK. You will then be able to edit the delegate permissions for your mailbox.

Open Outlook. Click File and then click Account Settings button and select Account Settings from the drop down menu. Select the Data Files tab and click the Add button. Navigate to your .pst file and click OK. You should now see your archive listed in the mail panel on the left.To create a new archive folder, navigate where you want to save the .pst file and type in a new name in the File Name field and click OK.

Please go to https://ams.unt.edu and follow through the instructions after singing in. After changing your password, make sure to input the new password on your mobile device and other devices where you have your old password stored. As this may run a risk where your account can be locked out because of multiple authentication failures.

In some situations you might identify you need to create a separate document library that resides outside your OneDrive for Business folder.

Office 365 allows you to accomplish this task in just a few steps:

  • First, login to here.
  • Then, on the top right corner the page click on the settings icon and select "Add an app" from the drop down menu.
  • Then, click on the "Document Library" app icon listed under Noteworthy.
  • On the popup menu, type a name for your library (avoid including spaces), and click create.
  • Then on the top right corner of your newly added library click on the three dots to change its settings.
  • Then, click on the “library tab” of the newly created library and then click on “library Settings”
  • Then click on Permissions for this document library.
  • Then click on "Stop Inheriting Permissions" and click ok.
  • By default Everyone except external users will have access to this library for collaboration purposes.
  • However, if the use case requires differently, you can check this group and remove as needed. Then, click "OK" on the confirmation box and you're all set with permissions.
  • To access the newly created library click on your recent items list.Click on Sync, if you would like to sync with your computing device.

Click Start, and then click Run. In the open box, type cmd and then click OK. In the command prompt, type ipconfig /all. Your IP is located under “IP Address” and MAC is located under “Physical Address”

Click Start, and then click Computer. On top of the window, click Map Network Drive. Select a letter drive and type in the full path provided by your immediate manager in the Folder field. For example \\citcwin1.unt.ad.unt.edu

Any employee can create a standard configuration quote. It is best to involve your local IT staff in the generation of the quote since they can help you determine the appropriate standard configuration and accessories for your needs. This will also prepare them to configure and install the machine when it arrives. Please go to the ITSS Standard Configurations page and follow the instructions there: http://itss.untsystem.edu/divisions/mrs/policies/hardware

If you are located outside the UNT network. First you need to connect to VPN, click here for instructions. Then launch Remote Desktop by clicking on Start, All Programs, and Accessories. Choose Remote Desktop and type in the IP address of your workstation.

You can fix sync errors you get while using the OneDrive for Business sync app by choosing View sync problems in the OneDrive for Business menu. The error dialog recommends solutions for each sync error.

How to fix ODFB sync errors.

If you suspect a security violation has occurred, contact your IT Helpdesk right away. If confidential or sensitive data is associated with any computer involved in the incident, please call Information Security immediately at 940-369-7800 or contact us by email at security@untsystem.edu.

Refrain from accessing or further interacting with the computer in question. This will help preserve evidence integrity before the Information Security team can collect an image for forensic analysis.


Incident Reporting Steps:

  • Notify your IT Helpdesk or IT support staff
  • Notify your immediate supervisor
  • Do not allow any changes to be made to the computer or related system.


UNT UIT Helpdesk 940-565-2324

HSC Helpdesk and Client Services 817-735-2192

UNT Dallas ITSS Helpdesk 972-780-3626

UNT System CTSS Helpdesk 940-565-4078


If you wish to report criminal activity, contact your campus Police Department.

UNT Police Department 940-565-3000

HSC Police Department 817-735-2210 (non-emergency number)

UNT Dallas Police Department 972-780-3009


More information is available at Incident Reporting.

E-mail Information Services with the employee’s name, EMPL, title, and the badge access requested.  An IDO will be prepared for the new employee to take to ID Systems to pick up the badge.  The IDO will be placed in the new employee’s box.

E-mail Information Services with the employee’s name, EMPL, title, and the keys requested.  A key request will be sent to Access Control and a letter detailing how to pick up keys will be placed in the new employee’s box.

All purchases are subject to departmental approval, funds availability, and compatibility with existing systems. Go to Service Now and navigate to Self-Service - Service Catalog > Desktop Services > New Hardware to complete your request.

E-mail Patricia Bell and notify her that you need a new badge. Please include your EMPL Id.  You will receive an IDO to take to ID systems on the UNT campus where your new badge will be printed.

Request the form by e-mailing ITCompliance@untsystem.edu.  A written agreement must be in place between the institution and the individual for whom the EUID is requested.

To make a document or folder private, you can stop sharing it.

  1. Select the people icon for the document or folder to open the Share dialog box.

  2. In the Shared With dialog box, select Can view or Can edit next to the person you want to stop sharing with, and then select Stop sharing.


For more information on this topic here

The following videos show how to upload a file, upload several files at once, and how to quickly create new Office documents in your OneDrive for Business library.

Video: Add documents to OneDrive for Business

Video: Sync OneDrive files and folders

The length of all of the required training is about 51 minutes.

While you are in Remote Desktop, you will need to use the following keystroke command CTRL+ALT+INSERT

Contact your campus help desk or UNT Bridge asktraining@unt.edu for technical issues with accessing the training.

You are also welcome to contact training@security.untsystem.edu with any training-related questions or inquiries.

For general support, contact your local IT support team or the helpdesk for your campus.

UNT Help Desk

Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

UNT Dallas Help Desk

Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

UNT HSC Help Desk

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

UNT System Service Desk

940-565-HELP (4357)
Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Unfortunately, the current training modules are only available in English.

See InHouse announcement from ITSS for more information on the benefits of this regulation: Here.

Any files that need to be retained for records retention purposes must be stored on department-provisioned drives.

Please review UNT System Consolidated CORE Records Retention Schedule.

For more information on the guidelines from IT Governance, see here.

System requirements for Office 365 for business here.

All workstations should use antivirus software for protection against malware. ITSS Information Security provides McAfee Antivirus software that can be downloaded at AntiVirus Download with a valid EUID and password. The antivirus software should be configured for regular updates and automatic scans to remain effective. In addition, you can reduce your risk of compromise by following these practices:

  • Keep all software up to date.
  • Backup your data.
  • Download files and applications from trusted sources only.
  • Be wary of hyperlinks in emails and only click on links you expected to receive.

You can learn more about information security by visiting the Information Security website here.

Any classification of data can be stored in OneDrive for Business, however, it is not the appropriate storage location for institutional records.

Data classification/categorization information can be found in the UNT System Information Security Handbook

In general, the storage of information must adhere to institutional policies and standards for protecting information, including physical security. The protection of information must be commensurate with the value of the information (e.g., category I require the highest level of security, therefore no unauthorized sharing, access, or use of the information is allowed).

In regard to the exchange of information:

  • Services provided by a third-party must adhere to institutional requirements for protecting information. Microsoft meets this requirement with their implementation of OneDrive for Business.
  • Information exchanged within the institution must be done in a secure manner.

In regard to mobile devices:

  • All institutionally owned laptops must be encrypted, and category information can be stored on mobile devices as long as encryption technology is enabled on the device. If no encryption is in place the information cannot be stored on the device.

In regard to backups:

  • Backup processes must protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of stored information.

In regard to who can store information, it is up to the information owner to make that decision, as they approve access to their information. Users must adhere to institutional policies and standards for protecting information when accessing resources and information remotely.

In summary, regardless of the technology used to store information, institutional policies and standards must be followed to ensure its protection.

Campus Technology Support Services, It Service Management, Communication and Collaboration Services, Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Services.

We intend to review processes to ensure that we are taking maximum advantage of current PeopleSoft capabilities. Our current system is basically using the functionality available 10 years ago when the original implementation occurred. The goal of process reviews is to minimize customizations which drive up the cost of the upgrade and ongoing support.

Oracle requires us to physically split the Human Capital database from the Campus Solutions database.  Currently, this data is in one physical database.  In addition to the split, we will be upgrading both Human Capital and Financial systems.  In addition, we will implement three new modules in the Human Capital system: 

  • ePerformance
  • Talent Acquisition Management
  • Candidate Gateway 

We will be implementing one new module in the Financial system: 

  • eSettlements

Finally, as part of the upgrade project, our portals will be redesigned for “look and feel” to improve the user experience.

An EUID is the account that is assigned to you in order to access the institutional services for which you have been approved. Learn more about how to manage your EUID at AMS

OneDrive for Business is a place where you can store, sync, and share your work files across multiple devices. The files you store in OneDrive for Business are private, unless you decide to share them.

Training: Store, sync, and share your work files

Store and Share Documents Quick Start Guide

Total contracted project cost is $5,011,347.

It is the quickest and easiest way to share a file with everyone in the organization and allow edits unless you change the default permission setting.

It is important to note that the "Shared with everyone folder is not a common repository. It is your personal folder you share with everyone in the organization.

Information Security offers online cybersecurity awareness training for faculty and staff of all UNT System components. The cybersecurity awareness course covers the basics of information security and current trends, best practices, and important policies regarding computing usage throughout the UNT System. Full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff are assigned training through LinkedIn.

Information on Enterprise Applications can be found here.

The Services offered by Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Services can be found here.

The services that IT Service Management offers can be found here.

The Services provided by Management and Risk Services can be found here.

If you clicked on a link or responded to an email that you suspect may have been a phishing attempt, you should immediately change your password and contact your IT support staff. The senders of the fake email may be attempting to collect valid credentials for access to UNT institution services, or may have installed malware on your computer. Report the incident to your supervisor and IT support staff, so any additional containment or handling can be coordinated.More information is available at https://itss.untsystem.edu/security/phishing

The IT Shared Services training information can be seen here.

A functional upgrade. That means we will review business processes to take advantage, to the greatest extent possible, of functionality in PeopleSoft version 9.2. This type of upgrade has not been done since the implementation of PeopleSoft 10 years ago. It will involve users deeply in the upgrade. All previous upgrades have been “technical” in nature – basically upgrading the engine but minimizing any impact on existing business processes. Specifically, a functional upgrade means we will be doing:

  • Application functionality fit-gap sessions
  • Business process analysis
  • Replacement of  customizations with newly delivered functionality
  • Implementation of new modules

End-user data should be stored in OneDrive for Business. Official university records should not be stored on OneDrive for Business.

The project starts June 2013. It is planned to end in September 2015. The basic upgrade, however, will be completed by July 2015.

All employees should complete training by Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Employees who don’t complete the training by Tuesday, November 16, 2021, risk losing access to computer resources.

ITSS Information Security provides McAfee Antivirus software that can be downloaded  here with a valid EUID and password.

Electronic Information Resource Accessibility Tools and Resources are located here.

IT standards and best practices are located here.

All UNT System institution IT policies can be found here as well as on the policy pages for each individual institution.

Request help from your IT support group.

Alternatively, this article describes problems you may have using the OneDrive for Business sync app, and offers solutions or workarounds.

SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits

IT Shared Services is located within UNT’s Discovery Park. Our address is 3940 North Elm, Suite E201, Denton, Texas 76207.

After an exhaustive review of all potential alternatives, the consensus decision was to move forward with a PeopleSoft functional upgrade.  The decision process involved:

  • Individuals from campuses
  • Four separate discussions with the IT Governance Council (comprised of the 3 campus Chief Financial Officers and Provosts, Vice Chancellors for Finance and Academic Affairs and Student Success, and campus CIOs)
  • Two discussions with the Shared Services Council (Chancellor and 3 University Presidents as well as CFOs and Provosts) resulting in an approval to move forward with a functional upgrade.
  • A discussion with the Board of Regents and final approval by the Board of Regents at their May 16, 2013 meeting.

Campuses are funding the upgrade based on the IT Shared Services Cost Allocation formulas. Project funding actually occurs over 4 fiscal years – a small amount in FY2013, the largest amount in FY2014, a smaller amount in FY2015 and some in FY2016.

All employees and contractors of UNT, UNT Dallas, and the UNT System must complete Security Awareness training.

Visit the IT Shared Services CIO cabinet to view those who serve.

Texas Government Code Section 2054.135 requires state and local government employees who handle sensitive information, including financial, medical, personnel, or student data, to complete an annual state-certified cybersecurity awareness training program.

In cybersecurity awareness training, you’ll learn why you are a vital part of information security and what you can do to protect sensitive information.