Strategic Services

Service Owner: CIO

Director: Deborah Eyzaguirre



Strategic Services is responsible for the UNT System IT governance process and project management activities across the ITSS organization as a neutral third party. The division consists of two key groups:

  • Product managers, who help customers submit IT requests for enhancements or new systems and serve as facilitators on various IT governance committees.
  • Project managers, who are in charge of the planning and controls established to oversee the execution and delivery of the project.
  • Specific functional duties of this division include:
    • Creating the strategy to execute projects in an IT Shared Services environment
    • Serving as key liaisons between ITSS and the rest of the functional groups and businesses by facilitating planning, prioritization and collaboration between the groups
    • Driving process improvement and managing the IT governance process
    • Collaborating in the creation of the resource management process for ITSS
    • Establishing and implementing metrics that measure project performance
    • Creating communication strategy on project status, reviewing meetings and governance dashboards

Portfolio and Project Management

For Strategic Services, Portfolio Management focuses on managing IT requests submitted to product managers for review/approval. ITSS uses an IT Service Management tool (ServiceNow) that allows customers to make requests. Customers can describe their business needs and how their request aligns with strategic goals. ITSS Can look at resource availability to ensure it can meet a business need date.

The tool facilitates the IT governance process by allowing governance committees to see in one place the business need, the business value score, resource availability and financial information to support decision making. IT Governance is all about focusing efforts on projects that provide the best value to the UNT System enterprise.

ServiceNow also supports project management functions for all approved IT project requests. The core responsibility of project management is to facilitate communication among project team members as well as the various sponsors and stakeholders. ServiceNow provides the means to track project status, project issues, project documents and various analytics. By keeping project team members focused on the project tasks and deadlines, this tool helps ITSS in delivering IT projects on time and within budget.

For more information on ServiceNow or the IT Governance process, please email: