Emergency Orders


An emergency is defined as the need of supplies and/or services by a department to the extent that if not purchased immediately, serious financial or operation loss will occur. Emergencies can be caused by breakdown of essential equipment, weather damage, sudden illness, epidemics, etc.

If you have such a situation, follow these procedures:

  • Contact your departmental buyer for assistance 
  • the departmental buyer will contact purchasing to ask for an emergency purchase
  • The departmental buyer will explain the nature of the emergency and the reason you need to make the emergency Pcard purchase

  • Request that the buyer use their purchasing card to make the emergency purchase or authorize your Pcard to make the emergency purchase (e.g. at the Apple Store or other computer manufacturer)

Almost Emergencies

In a situation when you need something immediately–yet it is not an emergency as defined above, you may request “rush” handling by taking these steps

•    Contact your buyer support department or
•    file an EPro request with the following information included and follow procedures Rush
•    The nature of the emergency purchase (danger to life, health, safety, welfare or property or to avoid undue additional costs for the state), and what caused the situation

All orders with “rush” requests will be handled in as timely a manner as possible. To assist in the prompt processing of these orders, please ensure that they meet all purchasing requirements when submitted.

Regardless of the situation, Procurement Services staff stand ready to assist. For emergency situations that do not fit any of the criteria above and/or where no other remedy is available, please contact the Executive Director, Procurement Services.