Authorized variances

The categories identified as follows are allowed an exception to this Chancellor Regulation 6.2000. This variance still requires procurement through the normal requisition purchasing process using approved vendors, a list of which is maintained by Procurement at the Business Service Center. To ensure adequate support and operation, local IT support staff at UNT, UNT Dallas, UNT HSC, or UNT System must be consulted before a purchase can be made under an authorized variance.

  • Acquisitions for transfer to students in specialized programs (all institutions)
  • Digitization initiatives in the libraries and other units.
  • Grant-Funded and researcher start-up funding acquisitions for which standard configurations are not adequate for grant or research purposes.
  • Computers or tablets needed to meet specific requirements of the third party hardware or software providers.
  • Purchases by IT Staff for the purposes of evaluating new computer models or technologies.
  • Desktop/workstation-class computers deployed as servers for specialized purposes.