Articles and Resources

Student Information Security Brochure

Learn how to protect your computer and your information by using these security tips on our printable brochure.

OUCH! Securing the Human Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

View the lastest issue of OUCH!, security awareness newsletter. The SANS Institute creates monthly newsletters on different security topics that provide tips to protect us, our families and our organization against cyber crime.

Safe Use of Social Media

Guidelines and general principles for individuals to follow when using social network and
media sites to avoid the potential for problems.

Safe Practices for Using Public Computers

Follow these best practices to reduce the risk of accidental exposure while using public computers.

Security Bulletin for Fake Antivirus

How to respond to fraudulent pop-ups reporting malware.

Network Security Guide

Secure network design tips.

Removing Cached Search Engine Results

A general guide to removing sensitive content that has been indexed by popular search engines.

UNT System Information Security Users Guide

Secure computing guidelines and policy for faculty, staff and students of the University of North Texas System.