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UNT System Information Security Handbook

The UNT System Information Security Handbook establishes the information security program framework for the System Administration and Institutions.

UNT System Information Security Handbook

Remote Work and Protecting Personally Identifying Information (PII)

Personally Identifying Information (PII) must always be handled with care.  An important aspect of ensuring proper care is understanding how our changing work environment requires those who work with PII, or Information Owners, to maintain higher diligence in their responsibilities.

COVID-19: Malware, Scams, and Security Risks

The effects of the COVID-19 virus on individuals has created an opportunity for cybercriminals. It is important to be vigilant with online interactions, reviewing information or news, and protecting your personal privacy.

W-2 Related Phishing Scams

As the IRS tax filing deadline approaches, Information Security would like to remind everyone, and especially those with financial responsibilities, to stay vigilant to opportunistic phishing scams.

Is Your Computer Secure?

Learn how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of a computer crime.

Cybersecurity Safeguards for Working Remotely

Employees of University of North Texas institutions are responsible for adhering to the UNT System Information Security Policy and UNT System Information Security Handbook for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, information, and information resources while working remotely. 


In our rapidly changing environment, new security risks are being developed daily.  One that has gotten a lot of attention is that of Zoombombing.  This involves a malicious actor connecting to a zoom meeting and sharing undesired content (video / sound / files) to other participants.

OUCH! Securing the Human Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

View the lastest issue of OUCH!, security awareness newsletter. The SANS Institute creates monthly newsletters on different security topics that provide tips to protect us, our families and our organization against cyber crime.