Virtualization Services

UNT ITSS Infrastructure Virtualization Services

UNT ITSS Infrastructure hosted Virtualization Services provides virtual machines and services for all the UNT campuses.

Virtualization Services (VS) provides consumers with scalable resources (compute, memory, storage, and network) to meet most application requirements and services levels to support critical business needs as well as development and test uses. Using multi-campus economies of scale, UNT VS can provide outstanding levels of service much lower than comparable industry cost.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a software implementation of a physical machine. Operating systems and applications on physical servers typically utilize a fraction of the available hardware resources. A hypervisor (e.g. VMware) sub-divides immense physical servers hosting multiple virtual machines taking advantage of unused resources by sharing them. Virtualization also provides resiliency as virtual machines can be moved between hosts and even Data Centers in the event of an unexpected outage, minimizing or avoiding downtime for the guest virtual machine.

If you think your department could benefit from a Virtual Machine please review the service level descriptions below to familiarize yourself with the offerings, and then click the link to the UNT MyCloud portal to configure and place your order.  You can also enter a Service Ticket in Service Now to discuss your needs with the Virtual Services team.  We are ready to help!

You can also separately request additional storage, or non-standard backup services and data protection as needed with the optional service offerings below.

VM Servers are offered by 'Service Levels'

A service level defines the characteristics of the Virtual Machine requested.  Based on your application needs, you can select an option level, and then in the MyCloud portal, configure detail virtual hardware characteristics (CPU, memory, etc) and the VM will be built to your specifications.

Option Level "Metal" CPU Memory Storage
CUSTOM  1-16  4 - 64GB  20-320+GB
GOLD  1-8  1 - 24GB  20-200+GB
SILVER  1-4  512MB - 12GB  20-200+GB
COPPER  1-4  512MB - 8GB  20-200+GB


Once your VM is in place, you can discuss with the VM Service team and open a Service Request for appropriate backups (detached preservation of data) and/or near real time data protection (replication).    These choices will effect your RPO and RTO and are important considerations.  Options available include:

Near Continuous Availability:

This data protection service level provides extremely high up-time by hosting a continuous image of the VM at multiple data centers. Should one site fail, the other site continues the VM without any user awareness of the transition after a brief delay (seconds) for network transition. Continuous Availability (CA) can be provided for storage, compute (the VM), or both. Since CA essentially allocates storage and compute in both locations, it is the highest cost service level available,and is suitable for only the most critical applications.  This requires discussion and approval of senior management.

High Availability Level:

The High Avilability level VM provides high availability by maintaining a current copy of the VM at the secondary data center. Should the primary site fail, the other site will be able to start the copied image of the VM and the user will only notice minutes of an outage until the VM appears on-line. Options exist to allow the IP address change transparent to the user through DNS failover support enable the user to continue working quickly. This service level is for important production applications that need high availability and priority as the first to bring on-line.. Full 24x7 monitoring and support from the ITSS NOC is provided.

Standard Level:

The Standard level VM is the most popular today as it presents a solid reliable platform at an economical cost.  The VM is backed up daily, and can be restored upon request or would be restored in a BCP/DR event after Gold.  Full 24x7 monitoring and support from the ITSS NOC is provided.

Development and QA Servers:

This standard level of VM is also quite popular today as it presents a solid platform at an extremely economical cost.  This system is not backed up except by special request. Monitoring is not provided.   This is an extremely economical solution for Development and QA servers needed.


Additional services may be added to any of the above service levels including:

Monitoring: Data Center Operations offers additional detail monitoring and notifications for VMs on an opt-in basis. Network Operations Center staff communicate outages affecting servers and services via established protocols to support teams.

Custom Backups or Additional Storage: ITSS provides additional backup options. More information can be found through the IT Help Portal:

    For additional Backup services beyond the default provided, please in the IT Help Portal, select: 
       Service Catalog > Infrastructure Services > Servers and Storage > Backup Request to IT Shared Services

Ready to request a VM?

Click the link below to go to the UNT MyCloud Portal for your location.

UNT Denton:    UNT Denton Campus
To learn more about ITSS Core Infrastructure virtual machines, contact your ITSS Service Delivery Manager for your institution.



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