Pager Information:

For complete information on USA Mobility Wireless offerings browse the Spok Website .  At the website you will find complete information on the pager types, service coverage type and service coverage maps.

The Telecom department can provide anything you find on the website. Simply decide what you want and order through the Telecommunications Customer Service Center.


The university has an agreement to lease the pager units from Spok. The lease is included in the monthly cost of service.

We recommend:

One-way and Two-way Messaging Pagers

Ready Call Waiting Area Pagers

General Information:

All pagers are assigned a D/FW Metro number.

Broken pagers or pagers that stop working can be replaced at no charge.  Contact us through our customer service center.

Canceling service to a pager can be done through our customer service center.  Once the request is submitted, the pager must be returned to our office before the actual cancellation will take place.

Changing pager user information can be done through our customer service center.

Pager units that are lost or destroyed beyond repair must be replaced.  Additional fees may be assessed by the vendor. 



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