Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us at with questions regarding the Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) project.

Am I required or expected to install Teams on a personal device?

Microsoft Teams is installed on university devices as part of the ICP implementation. You can install the Microsoft Teams application on your personal devices at your discretion. Installation is not required or expected.

Where can I find training opportunities?

Please join the UNT World Teams group for community, tips, and online workshops. Visit our Training Schedule and Resources page for more information on scheduled and self-paced training.

What additional hardware will I need?

Microsoft Teams works with many different devices. If you participate in any current web conferencing, you probably already have everything you need. Basic headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone are a good starting option. Your local IT support can provide hardware recommendations.

How can I disinfect my phone or headset?

Polycom provides guidance on cleaning your device to meet Center for Disease Control recommendations without damaging the equipment. Please refer to this comprehensive guide to locate specific instructions for your device.

Will my telephone number be migrated?

In general, we are migrating nearly all phone numbers to Teams. Some areas are disconnecting phone numbers, so please check with your local IT support to confirm your status.