Server Provisioning

Base Level Services:
Hardware or VM provisioning; determine security level of data hosted by server; determine firewall requirements; OS installation; baseline security scans and resolution of issues; application or service installation and/or role enablement; security scans after applications, service and role enablements have been done; arrange for backups of the server; setup appropriate firewall rules; setup appropriate IpSec rules; communicate the security information about the server to the appropriate department contact; provide access to user department.

Service Definition:
Build the server requested by the department on a virtual (preferred) or physical (if necessary) platform. Install the necessary OS and services to accomplish the setup of the requisite application and/or service.

Services Not Included:
Purchasing of application sofware/licenses, and any clinical, practice management, research or other local systems at UNTHSC.

Service Owner:
Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Services

Institutions Served:
UNT Dallas
UNT System