End User Computing (VDI)

In order to support the complex needs of our university, ITSS offers a service that will provide any department the necessary resources which will enhance their ability to work more efficiently and become more engaged with their students, staff and faculty. ITSS end user computing (VDI) provides access to virtual applications and virtual desktops from any location on any device at any time. Any location means you will be able to access your applications/desktop even if you’re off campus. Any device includes desktops, smart phones, laptops, tablets and thin clients. This will allow departments more options and freedom from traditional support in order to concentrate on services. By providing this service, ITSS is enabling our ever-growing need to access our education, our interactions and our work while we are on the move. For more information, please contact your distributive unit manager.

Below are links to more detailed information regarding EUC/VDI computing specifically for the distributive unit manager:

  • Policy
  • Instructions on accessing VDI
  • Instructions on accessing virtual applications
  • SLA
  • FAQ’s for the Distributive Unit Manager