Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The ITSS Central Web Services (CWS) team provides web hosting and support to appropriate campus entities free of charge. Appropriate entities include:

  • Colleges
  • Departments
  • Administrative units
  • Professors
  • Professional organizations

Our hosting services are intended for informational, public-facing content only. In particular, we do not provide services for the following:

​Our hours of operation are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Our weekly scheduled maintenance window is from 10:00pm on Saturday to 2:00am on Sunday.

Hosting SLA

CWS Hosting users receive access to the following resources:

  • 1GB of hosting space and a designated URL on our web servers, which run the following services:
    • Apache
    • PHP 7.2
    • MySQL
  • Self-support tools at

Storage requirements in excess of 1GB may be granted as necessary, but must be justified in writing and approved by CWS.

CWS will strive to maintain the availability of these services at all times. In the event of an outage, CWS staff members will resolve the issue promptly and provide appropriate information to users via available channels.

Inappropriate use policy

We reserve the right to remove a website or application if the website or application compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of University data or information systems; violates University policies or laws that govern the use of University data; or performs a function that is inappropriate for a public facing internet site. Examples of inappropriate use of this service include, but are not limited to:

  • Security issues resulting from software flaws,
  • Site neglect and failure to apply security patches,
  • Spam or other inappropriate commercial activity, or
  • Publication or collection of information inappropriate for a public facing web server such as credit card numbers, health information, social security numbers, or FERPA-protected information.

Support Requests

CWS staff will respond to support requests submitted via the online ticketing system at

Routine service requests will receive a response within 8 business hours and design and assessment within 5 business days. Critical incident requests, when one or more sites are unavailable, will receive a response within 1 hour and a resolution within 8 hours. Routine incident requests, which are isolated to a single site and don’t affect service availability, will receive a response within 4 business hours and a resolution within 24 business hours.

Support requests submitted through channels other than the online ticketing system are not covered by this SLA.

Drupal support

CWS maintains and supports a custom distribution of the open source content management system Drupal. We provide comprehensive support for sites using this Drupal distribution on our servers; this support breaks down into three main categories:

Things we'll do for you:

  • Core installation. CWS will install the UNT or UNT System Drupal distribution for the user, including all of our most recommended modules, themes, and configurations.
  • Non-security updates. CWS will apply non-security-related module updates upon request.
  • Security updates. CWS will automatically apply security updates for Drupal core and contributed modules on a regular basis.
  • Module recommendation and installation. CWS will help users select the best modules to use to implement functionality not provided in our core distribution, and will install those modules as appropriate; however, CWS cannot assist users in configuring or maintaining such modules beyond installation.

Things we'll teach you how to do:

  • Common site-building tasks. CWS will answer user support questions about the most common site-building tasks with an emphasis on teaching the user the necessary skills.

Things we won't help you with:

While we may be able to offer advice as time allows, the following areas are considered to be the site maintainer's responsibility:

  • Custom theming/site design.
  • Highly custom functionality. Specifically, we cannot:
    • Develop custom modules for you to provide features not available in any existing Drupal module.
    • Create custom content types or views for you.
  • Content and information architecture.
  • Drupal support on non-CWS servers. Our Drupal support SLA only extends to sites hosted on our servers. If your Drupal site is hosted elsewhere, we cannot install our custom distribution for you or provide you with any of the other support detailed above.

DNS support

We provide domain names to our hosting providers via the ITSS Data Communication office's DNS service. As a general rule, all domain names pointing to our servers must end in "" or "". If the domain name you have in mind does not end in "" or "", please refer to the DNS FAQ.