UNTS Service Desk

Service Owner: Enterprise Technology Services
Associate Director: Brad Neilson
E-mail: Brad.Neilson@untsystem.edu

 UNTS Service Desk: 940-565-HELP (4357) ithelp@untsystem.edu



The UNTS Service Desk provides IT related services to all UNT System staff. We provide our services at various locations across Texas from Austin to Denton to Dallas. Our goal is "To be the best at IT. Period."


Helpdesk support is led by Brenda Kirk Brenda.Kirk@untsystem.edu

Desktop Support is led by Melissa Bardowell Melissa.Bardowell@untsystem.edu

Network support is led by Jesse Schiewe Jesse.Schiewe@untsystem.edu

UNTD support is led by Kevin Rocha kevin.rocha@untsystem.edu

UNT System Office support is led by Vernon Price Vernon.Price@untsystem.edu

UNTD College of Law support is led by Michael Giallorenzo michael.giallorenzo@untsystem.edu