UNT Imaging with ImageNow

Imaging at UNT is served via ImageNow, a software product built by Perceptive Software.  ImageNow is an enterprise content management system that can provide users the ability to capture, process, search, retrieve and archive data to consistently do their jobs well. 

Imaging Services Team

Welcome to Imaging Services, the support center team for ImageNow users at UNT. The mission of Imaging Services is to provide imaging support to all active departments currently using ImageNow software, as well as assist new departments with their deployment of ImageNow. We are committed to delivering quality customer service for all imaging users on campus.

Imaging Services provides support to all current users of ImageNow on campus as well as new departments preparing for deployment. 

The following is a list that highlights our support.

•Setup and troubleshoot scanning software

•Manage and configure ImageNow Workflow

•Assist departments with ImageNow security via ACES

•Help with departmental Business Process Management and Business Analysis

•Assist the Office of Compliance and departments in defining document retention periods

•Assist departments in defining users, groups, document types and security permissions

•Run reports and audits of system