Imaging at UNTS

Imaging Services supports Perceptive Content (ImageNow), a software program whose most basic application is to serve as a document imaging system. Historically, document-imaging systems provided a digital filing cabinet for archiving records, saving organizations space, time, and money. Digitizing records also means faster, more reliable document retrieval.

Document imaging systems have come a long way. In addition to the benefit of using Perceptive Content’s digitizing for your records, they now offer a full content management system with features such as workflow, annotations, notifications and alerts. These features facilitate improved business decisions, increase processing efficiency, and reduce legal liability and environmental impact.

Imaging Services helps make the university system more efficient and greener, as we assist departments making the conversion to paperless processing and provide support to existing users of this software.

Some of our current customers include the Denton Campus Registrar’s office, Financial Aid, Financial Reporting, Texas Academy of Arts & Sciences (TAMS) Admissions, and Registrar, as well as Business Services, Purchasing, Payroll, and Human Resources departments.

Perceptive Content at UNT