Key IT Initiative Data Warehousing now called the Insights Program

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dear community partners,
On behalf of the numerous teams involved across UNT, UNT Dallas, and UNT System, we are pleased to report that there has been continued growth with many of the key IT initiatives. Each project is essential to supporting students, faculty and staff at UNT systemwide.
The Data Warehousing initiative, which will enable our community to leverage data to best inform decisions impacting student, faculty and staff success, is now preparing for Phase I implementation. This initiative has been named the Insights Program because of its focus on data informed decision making. The program will allow our system to leverage increasingly complex data to answer key questions, promote student success outcomes, and conduct deeper levels of analysis of enrollment, academic and financial trends of interest.  
The Insights Program is a collaboration between UNT System ITSS, the UNT Data Analytics and Institutional Research office along with the UNT Dallas Office of Strategic Analysis and Reporting. Campus sponsors are:
·       Jason Simon, UNT Assistant Vice President, Data Analytics & Institutional Research

·       Kendra Ketchum, ITSS Chief Technology Officer

·       Sam Shi, UNT Dallas Director of Strategic Analysis & Reporting

After conducting focus groups, subject matter expert interviews, campus visits to peer institutions, and hosting numerous working sessions, the project core team has selected three nationally reputable vendors to assist us in this work: Hortonworks, MuleSoft and SAS.
In addition to fulfilling reporting needs, the Insights Program will provide a platform to elevate quality and reliability of data, better analytics capabilities, and more flexibility in how to access data within an environment that is enhanced for security and privacy protection. This program also will allow for forecasting, prediction and testing of use-cases through enhanced capabilities to better assist departmental units to align goals to strategic outcomes.
The technical installations of supporting hardware and software for the Insights Program will occur over the next few months. Specific meeting times will be announced to key audiences across multiple campuses. At the meetings, the goals, structure, business requirements and timelines for the Insights Program will be shared.
On behalf of the entire Insights Program team, we look forward to upcoming conversations as they are vital to the future vision of our data landscape and on how we can collectively maximize our current data for positive gains. I also wish to thank everyone that has contributed to the project. For more information or questions about the program, please contact us at
Rama Dhuwaraha
Associate Vice Chancellor and UNT System Chief Information Officer