Employees enjoy use of OneDrive for Business

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Many employees are enjoying the use of a digital workspace thanks to Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive for Business.  Information Technology Shared Services began migrating faculty and staff to the new cloud application in June 2014.
As a digital workspace, the OneDrive Desktop Application lets you easily sync files between your computer, mobile devices or multiple computers. You can choose specific folders to sync or drag and drop items from your PC to your OneDrive folder to seamlessly connect your documents and files for 1 TB of cloud storage.

For example, many employees are already storing their work files in the cloud for quick and easy access throughout their work day. Julian Quintero, IT Specialist in UNT’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, enjoys the ease of accessing documents from OneDrive online when visiting other employee’s workstations to help with routine service requests like installing printers for employees.

“I would recommend OneDrive for Business for employees,” said Quintero, “The space available to save and share files eliminates the problem of a file being too big to send via email and cuts down on the amount of emails going back and forth between people.”

With workflow processes always evolving it’s important to consider alternate uses of technology to become more efficient and cost effective. Ultimately, OneDrive for Business provides an increased service value by offering different business solutions for specific needs.

Joseph Rusnak, an employee in UNT’s Toulouse Graduate School uses OneDrive for Business cloud space to reduce his use of paper.
“Cloud storage is great,” said Rusnak, “It allows me to cut down on the amount of paper I need to print and keep in my office and it allows the university to be cost effective by providing a service that can provide large data storage and minimizes data maintenance.”

Abraham John, UNT senior director of administrative Information Technology, encourages all employees to use OneDrive for Business as a collaborative tool to discover new ways to conduct business.
 “This is a great tool that will help employees work more efficiently and as the level of familiarity increases, our faculty and staff will find new and innovative ways to collaborate,” said John, “For example, if an employee is in a meeting and needs to reference a document, it can be retrieved on their mobile device to view, and then share it with other colleagues. OneDrive brings us closer to the reality of being able to access our data from anywhere and on any device.” 

To learn about ways that you can optimize your use of OneDrive for Business, review the training resources ITSS has provided online here.