Employee Action Group

The Employee Action Group (EAG) influences a culture of service excellence at Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) while empowering people through recognition. The EAG reports directly to Chris McCoy, Chief Information Officer for the University of North Texas System, and the University of North Texas.

Our focus is to identify, recommend, and assist in implementing projects and solutions across organizational lines (within the white space of the organizational chart) with a primary focus on IT Shared Services (ITSS) and the UNT System IT function as appropriate. We listen to ideas, input, and any concerns that need to be presented to the CIO from ITSS staff.

We organize the ITSS Town Hall meetings, which serve to highlight business activities such as organizational goals, software upgrades, employee accomplishments, new services, and other activities. We present employee awards at each town hall.

More information, including EAG orientation documents, is available to ITSS staff on our SharePoint site. For questions, comments, and concerns please email us at itss.eag@untsystem.edu.


Celia Whisenhunt
Hysen Tmava
Matilda Roach
Robert Brickner
Soumya Kuduvan